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jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

"La espuma de Venus" (Heroes del Silencio cover)

To start giving a bit of life to this matter, today I choose to show you some music. This is a version of "La espuma de Venus (The foam of Venus)" (original theme of Heroes del Silencio, included in the album "Avalancha"), that I produced and performed about three years ago by myself.

This new performance was made in order to participate in the online contest "Hechizo 2.0", belonging to the promotion of tribute compilation "Hechizo" in which some artists performed several significant songs of the band, and its well-known lead vocalist, Enrique Bunbury. Finally no such luck, and the song was not selected, but I am especially proud of it, regardless of the judgment of the jury, so I want to share it with you all.

I want to thank, as I have done for many years, to the great guitarist Miguel Angel Leal, for bringing his brilliance playing guitars, not only in this version, but almost all tracks I compose or perform. Enjoy it.

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