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miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

Ads and promotional spots samples bank

For this update I bring you a refreshing bank of ads and promotional spots that I speeched and produced while I worked on esRadio Axarquia and esRadio Malaga radio stations. They were edited and produced with Adobe Audition 3.0. I covered a wide range of characteristics and expressive possibilities with them. You can hear my youthful and powerful voice standing out in all of them. In the most of cases, I chose the songs and wrote the scripts as well.

There is the whole list of spots:

- Promo: Radio Axarquía (afternoons, Monday to Friday).
- Promo: Feria de San Miguel 2011 (Torremolinos, Málaga).
- Advertising spot: Spar (Melilla).
- Promo: esRadio Axarquía Promo (Saturdays).
- Advertising spot: El Arte del Perrito (Málaga).
- Advertising spot: Matisse (Melilla).
- Advertising spot: El Rincón del Gourmet (Torremolinos, Málaga).
- Promo: esRadio Axarquía (Sundays).
- Promo: X Costa del Sol Classics (Torre del Mar, Málaga).
- Advertising spot: Rattan (Melilla).
- Promo: Clínicas Rincón-Palencia Baloncesto basketball match.
- Advertising spot: Mesón Ramos (Torre del Mar, Málaga).
- Promo: esDeportes (esRadio Axarquía).
- Promo: Torre del Mar Town Hall Delegation.

As a bonus (at the bottom), I show you a morning madness that I made in esRadio Malaga in a boring day without work. As I hadn't musical instruments available to me, I used my own voice as a tool for create an alternative tune for "Entremedias" Saturday edition ("Entremedias" was a radio magazine presented by Rafael Calvo). Absolutely everything you can hear in this work is my voice, processed in a major or minor way.

That's all today. I hope you enjoy these works. If you like them and need me for working in your projects, just call me, I will listen to you ;)

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